TMI’s EZYFIT™ System for Site Built Custom Air Handlers

By BSS |   Dec. 10, 2014

TMI Climate Solutions, located in Holly, Michigan, offers site built custom air handlers using their EZYFIT™ panel system. TMI’s EZYFIT™ site built custom air handlers use the same high quality construction as their factory assembled units. The difference is EZYFIT™ units are assembled on site with factory supervision.

EZYFIT™ casing panels and components are palletized and shipped to the job site for on-site assembly and installation. Palletized shipment allows all air handler components to be easily maneuvered on site through doors, corridors, and other tight spaces.

Partners in Design and Construction

For healthcare, institutional, commercial, and industrial projects, TMI engineers and manufactures the highest quality unit for its customers. Prior to design, TMI engineers visit the site to ensure a successful installation. During construction, TMI is on site to supervise assembly and installation.

TMI Climate Solutions works with the customer from concept through installation, including startup and warranty, providing innovative, cost-efficient, factory or site built custom air handler solutions.