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The construction of the Education Center consisted of 18 classrooms, gymnasium, library and associated administration offices. Building Systems and Services, Inc. represented YORK International to provide fourteen (14) Air Handling Units, eighteen (18) Classroom Unit Ventilators, and one (1) YORK Air Cooled Chiller. This equipment was installed by a local mechanical contractor. In addition, Building Systems and Services, Inc. was contracted to design, install and commission a new Honeywell XL5000 Integrated Solutions System which is used to control the above York equipment as well as the hot water boiler plant and ancillary building equipment. All control and building monitoring is accomplished through a graphical front end computer system designed and programmed by Building Systems & Services, Inc. We currently hold a maintenance contract for all of the HVAC equipment and the associated Honeywell controls. This includes a preventive program for the equipment and computer software to ensure functionality and performance.


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The Carpenter Sports Center Harry Rawstrom Memorial Natatorium of the University of Delaware contains a 25 yard, 6 lane competition pool and a 20 yard by 13 yard by 14 feet deep diving pool. Built in the 1960s, the natatorium needed refurbishment. The consulting engineering firm decided to replace the old ventilation system with a high-efficiency dehumidification system with energy recovery which would lower heating costs and lower overall project costs by qualifying the school for a federal grant.

After thorough investigation, PoolPak was chosen to supply the dehumidification system for the project. Recycling waste energy and controlling temperature and humidity levels, PoolPak brought comfort and efficiency to the project. Building Systems & Services, Inc. supplied two PoolPak units to replace the original three air handlers and ventilation fan. The capacity of the system removed 210 lbs. of moisture every hour at 84°F with 55% relative humidity. Units were equipped with steam coils for auxiliary space heating in order to connect with the existing central steam heating system.

The manufacturing and installation were important aspects of the project for fitting the PoolPak units within the small confines of the original penthouse. Each unit measured 20 feet long by 8 feet wide by 5½ feet high and were designed to mount on a pad within the natatorium penthouse. The mechanical contractor, Delcard & Associates, installed both PoolPak units. Joe Lesniak, the Service Manager for Delcard commented on the easy installation process by saying,
“We had a crane lift the units one at a time to the roof and then we carefully slid each PoolPak into place. Once the units were in place, we simply connected to the existing ductwork, plumbed to the new pump and filter system and installed a condensate line to the filter system. It was easy.”
Building Systems & Services, Inc. also supplied the PoolPak control package for remote monitoring of the system. Building Systems & Service, Inc. continues to service the University with preventative maintenance. Upon completion, the Ashrae Journal published an article on the project, detailing the successful design and installation of the system.