Samsung HVAC – AHR Expo Video

By Susan Hess |   Mar. 18, 2015

RenewAire AHRI Certified for 0% Cross-Contamination

By Susan Hess |   Mar. 06, 2015

RenewAire AHRI Certified for 0% Cross-Contamination


PoolPak’s Site-Assembly Program Saves Time & Money on Retrofit Installations

By BSS |   Dec. 10, 2014

PoolPak continues to do market development by keeping our story in front of the audiences that count, like pool owners (in the case of the Athletic Business magazine readers) and HVAC engineers. For more information, read their brochure.


TMI’s EZYFIT™ System for Site Built Custom Air Handlers

By BSS |   Dec. 10, 2014

TMI Climate Solutions, located in Holly, Michigan, offers site built custom air handlers using their EZYFIT™ panel system. TMI’s EZYFIT™ site built custom air handlers use the same high quality construction as their factory assembled units. The difference is EZYFIT™ units are assembled on site with factory supervision. EZYFIT™ casing panels and components are palletized […]


GPS Receives Patent on Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization

By BSS |   Oct. 23, 2014

I am excited to announce that GPS has been granted another patent! The attached patent is one of two that have been recently granted by the United States Patent Office and this patent was made public by the patent office just last week. This particular patent is of great importance because it focuses more on […]